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I have always found it strange when others say Europeans are pessimistic about their own fate and that, from outside, Europe is seen in a much better position, especially when discussing the current economic crisis. This is due to my personal experience so far. I have to admit that when I talk about the problems… » read more

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Thoughts on NATO’s future

While most conferences on NATO organized by organizations close to the alliance follow a somewhat predictable format, I had the privilege to participate in one that was interesting not only for the ideas participants brought forward, but also for the interaction between the speakers and participants, NATO and the Future of Cooperative Security (part of… » read more

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What is significant?

“The world is seen differently depending on one’s location.” This phrase has been haunting me for some time and I’m constantly reminded of it in all my trips and discussions. Being tied into our own daily reality, we care less about what’s happening in the world and we tend to be interested only in those… » read more

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